Streamlines in Schwerin

The sleek architecture of Streamline Moderne is currently in vogue again. Reason enough to be inspired and create our own free 3D interpretation – on the façade of a prefab building in the Mecklenburg state capital. Even if we couldn’t defeat the wind, the elegant design was a hit with our client and local residents.


WGS Schwerin


Concept, Design, Implementation

“One of the project’s biggest challenges were the arches and lines, which had to be faithfully reproduced on the façade based on the technical drawing. As an aid, we had the arches cut to original size on hard foam boards. This allowed us to ensure that the shapes always had the same dimensions from floor to floor.”

Steffen Kuschkow, Projektleiter GRACO


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Stralsund | Maritime modernism

WBG Volkswerft, Stralsund Maritime modernism The revitalisation of old prefab buildings is one of our specialities. In Stralsund we didn’t use colours, patterns and trompe-l’œil