Mural Art and Design

Mural Art and Design


  • Development of individual colour concepts for residential quarters and industrial buildings
  • Integration of the corporate design on façades of different substrates (EIFS, Trespa, metal, concrete)
  • Dimensioning for implementation by third parties
  • Design solutions for façades
  • 3D painting
  • Illusionistic architecture
  • Trompe l’oeil painting
  • Development and implementation of design concepts in line with preservation requirements
  • Classical painting
  • Interior design for trade and industry
  • Painting on various substrates (Trespa, metal, ETICS, concrete)
  • Integration of corporate design elements (logo, corporate colours, graphic elements)
  • Landscape-integrating design
  • Integration of corporate design & campaign elements (font, logo, images)
  • Brand and advertising motifs
  • Light installations
  • Incentives
  • Live street art