Eisenbahnbauverein Harburg e.G.

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Need to do a double take? Yes, this façade is painted! Using paint and brushes only, we transformed two residential buildings in Hamburg, built in 1933, into historic urban jewels. In addition to the typical Hanseatic brick in about 200 different colour tones, floral ornamentations, bay windows, window stucco and rosettes were also added to the façade in painstaking detail.



Design, Implementation

“And every pedestrian and motorist can only marvel at what has become of the once dull, ninety-year-old houses: with the help of brushes, rollers and paints they have been transformed into real jewels.”

Hamburger Abendblatt


Illusionistic Architecture

37,000 bricks, hand painted

„The designs were made on the computer. For fonts and symbols we cut stencils. On the scaffolding, the whole image had to be transferred inch by inch from screen to building – a task that requires great skill, maximum precision and the constant use of spirit level and chalk line.“

Erik Mahnkopf, Leiter Kreation

„Die Entscheidung war gut, auf Fassadenmalerei zu setzen. Wir haben bislang nur positive Äußerungen von unseren Mietern und den Leuten auf der Straße gehört.“

Jörn Becker, Technischer Leiter Eisenbahnbauverein Harburg e.G.

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