Building blocks on the move

The residents of Ortrand (Brandenburg) were blown away: the exposed aggregate concrete segments of three renovated prefabricated concrete-slab buildings look like they are really on the move, thanks to our 3D façade art. Since the colour space of the individual buildings has been kept the same, the optical illusion is further enhanced. Yet, despite the dynamic design, the individual blocks appear harmonious both in themselves and as a whole.


KWG Senftenberg


Concept, Design, Implementation

“The façade designs that you submitted to the Brillux Design Award 2019 showed us how dedicated you are to your work …Your contribution enriched the high-class competition in 2019 and demonstrated that contractors, planners and developers are keener than ever to brighten up the world we live in with integrated colour concepts.”

Brillux Design Award


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WBG Volkswerft, Stralsund Maritime modernism The revitalisation of old prefab buildings is one of our specialities. In Stralsund we didn’t use colours, patterns and trompe-l’œil

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GUWO Rear window On a windowless gable, we reproduced the design of the building’s street-facing façade, supplemented by portraits of well-known personalities of the town